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Parents Communication

Our main target is to provide education without conceding our quality… For this reason , with every member of our team, we work together with our strengths for our children’s future…

You can count on daily communications about our children’s care, regular updates regarding our educational programs

Communication regarding our childrenWith the open door policy that we implement and with the communication materials that we use, we provide updated information on a daily basis regarding the care and development of your child. Besides, you can contact our managers and teachers any time you wish. Also, we exchange information and opinions seperately with age group parents during our routine parent meetings

Other then our open door policy that we practice, we also communicate in written forms, the care, education and all activities that we implement in our school on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you may help to reinforce with your child at home. You may also follow the details of general issues in our school on our web site and/or our facebook page

Communication Forms:

Smart Phone Application: Thorough our smart phone applications, you can easly follow each and every detail of your child during the day, send text messages to the school, if your child uses the school bus you can keep track of the school bus to identfy it’s actual location on the map.

Furthermore, you can have all news about the school, meal menus, school newsletters or teacher’s notes addressed to you. You can even access and track your child’s activities throughout the day.

Daily Activity Forms: Your child’s teacher provides this written communication and it presents a general knowledge about the child’s daily situation.

Daily Information Forms: It contains daily information that we wish to present to our parents.

Development Follow-up Form: In our school, the education cycle is composed of two periods. These information forms containing the developmental progress of the child (within his/her own age group) are sent to our parents in February and June.

Parents Gazette: It contains the information regarding the activities, events, announcements, projects, useful information withİn our school, expert opinions regarding young children’s problems etc. and it is published on a monthly basis.

Age Group Gazette: It is prepared for each age group seperately and contains information regarding the education and programs that our children will do or have done. It is published on a monthly basis

Menu: It contains the monthly menu.

Furthermore, All activities, craft and art works are sent home to our parents every week