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Why Us ?


  •  We are aware that you trust us by leaving your most valuable assets with us, and for this reason we are working hard to provide the maximum care. From the moment your children steps in to our school to the moment they leave, we are here to assure their safety, education, development in every aspect, and nutrition. All these issues are taken care of with utmost attention. Our business covers the most precious span of your children’s lives, and we know that these years cannot be repeated as these are the GOLDEN YEARS of their lives
  • When we get ready to prepare our children for the next age group, we are aware of how important it is for them to gain their own personalities. We are aware how much we can raise the quality of our children’s lives by letting them understand and gain certain characteristics such as How to  express themselves, how to show emotions, ability to solve problems, rewarding the virtuous attitudes
  •  We know how important it is to include all the development areas for our children. Therefore we make our daily, monthly and yearly programs fun, and easy going, and our teachers are highly valuable in the educational field. Our teachers will lead our children in the right direction. We know that  our children require more care and support in or to develop the right skills to go further in their education. We are aware that in these special years of their education, we have to make sure all the skills are taught so they can make an easy transactions from one grade to another
  • We keep the safety our children as our first priority.  (See: Safety)

Because we are;

Aware of the importance to raise contemporary individuals. We know that the first steps for this should be taken at the first educational phase (school) that children are attending. For this to happen;

  •  We believe in scientific education,and the power of concrete science. We strive very hard to to make sure they have solid foundations and to raise our children as tomorrow’s intellectuals
  •  We try to teach our children the essentials in humanity and work hard to make sure they have useful habits
  • We try to teach them to love books in their early years.
  •  We strive hard to raise generations who show care for their  surroundings and full of love for nature
  • We try to teach our children the importance of art and the artist
  •  Every day, we try to teach them to be courteous and polite as an individual. use the proper language to communicate and try to teach them manners based on their age group.
  • We try to give our children the joy and virtues of helping  those who are in need and less fortunate
  •  We teach our children to share, to do the right thing and  to show respect to the elderly people
  • We try to implement behavour like finishing the task which has been started, not to give up, socializing within the group, making speeches to the crowd and developing the proper behaviour within the group
  •  We are aiming to give our children the skills that they would be needed for their entire academic life
  • We are aiming to raise young individuals who are researchers, questioning, trying to find different solutions and going directly to the results
  •  We implement programs for our children to back up their emotional, social and intellectual developments in accordance with their age group
  • We start the physical and cognitive developments of our children at their early age and we try to implement these habits so they will last a lifetime
  •  We try to explore the capabilities and talents in each of our  children and inform their parents accordingly
  • We follow  innovations and improvements in our business and we carry and implement them throughout our schools
  •  We give service training to our staff as a routine and encourage them to be better or the best and keep their motivation high all the time
  • We wish our children who will be the tomorrows intellectuals to remember with respect Mustafa Kemal Atatürk our founder and teach our children the value of our motherland
  •  We teach intensive English Language lessons at Lara and Konyaaltı Branches. (At Fener Preschool Branch all activities, lessons and programs are in English and accompanied by Native English Speaking Teachers)
  • Our most important principles are honesty and tranparency. Our aim is to ensure our children have a happy environment at all times. We pay utmost attention to our parents to provide a peaceful environment for their children so that they are not worried once they have left their most valuable possessions with us